English Proverbs – Hindi counterparts

May 23rd, 2009  | Published in Proverbs

This is a new series with English Proverbs and their Hindi Counterparts.

Please refer the “Proverbs” category for a complete list.
If you have some please let me know I will take care of updating this section.

English :A nod to the wise and a rod to the foolish.
Hindi : अक्ल्मंद को िशारा, हमक को फटकारा

English :Ruining one’s fountain and begging water from others.
Hindi :अपना लाल गंवाय के दर दर मांगे भीख |

English :Open confession is good for the soul.
Hindi :अपनी गलती को मानना अच्छी बात है |

English :Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.
Hindi :अपना कोसा अपने आगे आत है |

English :There’s no rule in a fool’s kingdom
Hindi :अंधेर नगरी चौपट राजा, टके सेर भाजी टके सेर खाजा|

English :Blind leading the blind fall in a pit.
Hindi :अंधे को ंधा राह दिखाए, दोनो खड्ड मे गिरें |

English :Empty vessels make the most sound.
Hindi :अधजल गगरी छलकत जाए |

English :Better the devil you know than not.
Hindi :अनजाने से जाना अचछा होता है |

English :Quality speaks for itself.
Hindi :अच्छी चीज खुद बोलती है|

English :Don’t bet at once all you have.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Hindi :अपना सब कुछ एक ही दांव पर मत लगा दो |

English :Blow one’s own trumpets.
Hindi :अपनी-अपनी डफली, अपना-अपना राग |


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