MOTOROKR EM30 – Mobile Review

August 30th, 2009  | Published in Reviews

                                                                   motorokr EM30 150x150 MOTOROKR EM30   Mobile Reviewmotorola rokr em30 150x150 MOTOROKR EM30   Mobile Review

Before writing this, I must mention that before using this phone I was not very keen on buying Motorola Mobile phones, but this one changed my outlook towards Motorola mobiles. This one is my first Motorola mobile.

If ever I had to recommend anyone a Music Phone this would be right at the top. This is a perfect music phone, especially music lovers would agree at the very first sight of this mobile. I have used various music phones, but each had its drawbacks, but for music I just can’t get away from this one.

If music features are to be considered this would be rated highly on every scale – music quality and sound is excellent both on earphones and on loud speakers. Music organization is good.

Other Features:

  • Looks – Stylish, metallic border with rubber type finish at the back.
  • The innovative ModeShift technology instantly transforms the keypad on the phone to a robust music player. This feature is excellent
  • Bluetooth – management is very good (creates a list of Bluetooth users, if the user is in your list no need to search again), speed is very good
  • Screen Size – 2 inch
  • Music Player – supported formats (MIDI, MP3, AAC, AAC, Enhanced AAC, WMA, WAV, AMR)
  • Video player – is good supports various format videos, but on 2” screen does not look elegant
  • Camera – 2MP camera with 8X digital zoom
  • Text to Speech Recognition
  • Crystal Talk Technology
  • Airplane mode for uninterrupted music
  • FM Radio with RDS – Channel management is good, you can mute the radio instead of disconnecting,
  • Sound Port – universal 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • Memory – Supports up to 8GB microSD card, comes default with 1GB card
  • External key – to lock your phone, slider key at the right side
  • Browser – is good
  • USB – microUSB port, USB 2.0 (data transfer speed is very good)
  • Talk Time and Standby – up to 5-6 hours talk time, up to 4-5 days stand by(this can be more)


  • Camera quality is not that good and there is no flash (this is one thing which always seems to lag in Motorola mobiles)
  • UI interface is a little bit slow, but overall UI is excellent
  • Bluetooth initialization time is high, if you need to search new users

 If you are looking for a true music phone go for this one.
I bought this for a price of Rs. 8,800 (December 2008).


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