Samsung S3500 – Mobile Review

August 16th, 2009  | Published in Reviews  |  8 Comments

Samsung S3500 150x150 Samsung S3500 – Mobile ReviewI have been using this mobile for the last 2 months, looks of this mobile lead me to buy this mobile. I have faced no issues till date (software or Hardware).

Recommended this mobile to 3 of my friends and all 3 bought this mobile, and happily using without any complaints till date. 🙂 

  • Sound quality is good especially on the louder range; most attractive feature is its camera resolution, additional feature of panorama with camera, does not have flash.
  • Screen size is big(2.2″) compared to other mobiles in this range, 
  • Video player is great, supports all movie formats,
  • Support for theme creation as per one’s choice and that too in number of ways – themes can also be shared with users.
  • Stylish look, with metallic finish on body, but better to buy cover and scratch card the moment you buy this mobile, as any scratch on its body is visible and hampers its good look.
  • Battery back up is fine; up to 6-8 hours talk time and can listen music nonstop for 10 hours.
  • Radio support is good, additional feature of recording radio is there and believe me, the record quality is fantastic.
  • Conversation recording,
  • Advanced mobile tracker, expandable memory up to 8 GB, support 4 GB very-very well at good speed.
  • Web Browsing support is good, can access youtube also without any additional download.
  • Keypad is dust proof, touch keys are there.
  • Earplug, data cable and charger jack is single, that’s one of the drawbacks with Samsung mobiles, they should start providing 3.5 mm jack support for earplugs.


  • Comes with internal 40MB no extra microSD Card, so need to buy memory card to use all its features. 

All in all for a price of Rs. 6165 this mobile is worth its price. I bought this mobile from PlanetM with a gift DVD.

  • Usuf Ali

    Very encouraging comment for Samsung Mobile S3500 from Mr. Amit. Unfortunately, I purchased this model on 11 Sep 2009 with 2gb memory card loaded with songs. But, next day, when it is switched off and on, memory card not recognized.Service center reinstalled the Software. Same problem remains. Now, struggling to replace it since 18th Sep. Hopefully, Samsung will replace it. I plan to visit today Head office of Service Center. Generally, Samsung products are reasonably good. Usuf – Chennai

  • Amit Sahrawat

    Fortunately no erros on my side and neither for my friends. I hope it gets resolved for you quickly.

  • Deepak Bakshi

    Hey Guys,

    Perfect review there.. !! I’ve owned this phone for a Month now. Bought it for Rs.5400 after I lost my N95.

    I’ve always been an “Expensive” mobile buyer. This is my First cheap phone. And Guess What..? It does not feel cheap at all.. Infact, It’s ONE OF THE BEST I’ve ever used. I do not feel the need to spend Rs.20000 on a mobile anymore. It solves all my purpose at such a low price.

    This Phone is AWESOME. There are some negative reviews regarding it’s came, but TRUST ME, The Camera is Awesome. It is 2MP but the clearity Makes me feel it’s 3.2 MP. Really.

    100 percent Reccomended to EVERYONE.


  • Partha

    Does this mobile comes with Data cable in its packaging or do i have o buy a new one again? Btw, can anyone tell me if those earplug/headphone adapters are available for this cell? i mean the one which converts the usb port to 3.5 mm jack for all headphones.

  • Amit Sahrawat

    this one comes with a data cable/earphones… so u don’t need to buy one for this…

  • Email Right into your Mobile

    Yup you can easily get those converters from usb to 3.5 jack.
    I really second on this, Email facility with the speed of EDGE is the great combination this phone is offering. You can get emails directly into your mobile without any hassle. If not sure how, get in touch with me will help you out for the same. 🙂

  • rahul

    hey.. i bought this mobile 2-3 days b4.. n very happy to have it…..
    Do some1 have softwares for it?????
    Also can it b possible to hide the sim contacts when u r using phone contacts as it is a case in sony ericsson mobiles….??????

  • kunal

    i am not able to operate my mobile i is on but no functions are been accessed and nothing can be operated if any key is pressed then it automatically truns to switch off mode.
    please solve out the prob.!!!


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