DDA Housing Scheme 2010

November 20th, 2010  | Published in Housing Schemes  |  26 Comments

Delhi Development Authority 150x131 DDA Housing Scheme 2010DDA announces approx. 16,000 DREAM HOMES IN DELHI!!

One/ Two / Three Bedroom/ Expandable/ Janta/ One Room Tenement Flats are on offer.

DDA Housing Scheme – 2010

OPEN from 25-11-2010 to 24-12-2010


Applicants must read the terms & conditions given in the brochure carefully.

  • Applicant will be on Freehold and on as-is-where-is-basis. The title shall be transferred only when Conveyance Deed is executed in favour of the allottee.dda flats 150x150 DDA Housing Scheme 2010
  • One person can submit one Application only.
  • Applicant must have a Permanent Account number (PAN) allotted under the Income Tax Act and a Bank Account.
  • Payment of Registration money as well as cost of the flat will have to be made only from Applicants Account through Banker’s Cheque/ Demand Draft only.
  • Please note that a copy of Demand-cum-Allotment letter of the successful applicant will be forwarded to the Commissioner, Income Tax, New Delhi.
  • People are advised not to be misled or influenced by promises or assured allotment from unscrupulous persons/ property dealers.
  • People are urged to get all information about this Scheme only from DDA or its Authorized Banks.
  • For any mis-representation or concealment of facts or if the amount is not paid from the allottees account or if any DDA property is found in the name of the applicant, in such cases, the allotment will be cancelled, amount forfeited and the applicant liable for legal action.
  • Last date for submission of Application form is 24.12.2010

Brochure / Application Form

  • The prescribed Brochure along with application Form can be purchased on payment of ₹105/- (₹100/- of form +   ₹ 5/- D-Vat).
  • The Application form will be available at selected branches of the Banks mentioned below:
    • Axis Bank Ltd.
    • HDFC Bank Ltd.
    • IDBI Bank
    • ICICI Bank Ltd.
    • State Bank of India, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi
    • Central Bank of India, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi
    • Union Bank of India, Nehru Place, New Delhi
  • Application Form can also be downloaded from DDA’s website www.dda.org.in.  ₹ 105/- towards cost of the Form will have to paid extra through Banker’s Cheque/ Demand Draft.

Please refer more posts related to DDA Housing Scheme – 2010 below for more information:

For further details, please contact:

Director (Housing)-II, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi-110023, Tel:011-24690723

  • http://google deepak kumar

    i need a dda scame form

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    sorry… what do you mean by dda scame form? if you mean to say DDA Scheme then please download DDA Brochure… I can help you in that

  • http://www.datamatics.com Saket Priyadarshi

    Here writing with my query, when I will be going to apply in “DDA HOUSING SCHEME 2010” with registration amount of 1.5 LACS at the time of application.
    Either you are successful applicant or not 1.5 LACS amount blocked till approximately 8-9 month (till refund).
    So my question is that amt can we show in TAX REVET as in some 80C (PRINCIPAL AMT) & 24B (INTEREST AMT) or any other????
    Please reply!!!

    Thanks & Regards
    Saket Priyadarshi

  • amit sahrawat

    @Saket Priyadarshi
    Personally speaking everyone would love to have this sort of payment to be included in Tax Rebate. But I guess as per the present norms, investment which fall under some locking period(i think min. 3 years) falls under Tax Rebate.
    Last time in DDA scheme, amount was refunded within 1-month of draw, so this time around also, it should be back within 5months(DDA is supposed to carry out draw within 4 months starting from 24th December).
    But yes, I will like interest for the amount blocked for say 5-6 months should be taken in consideration.

  • Jainendra

    I am an NRI living outside India. I can download the form online, fill and sign it. but how to get the Demand draft to attach with application form. ICICI bank doesn’t provide any facility to make a demand draft online.
    Can any one else provide the bank draft on behalf on me? Is it necessary that demand draft should come from my name only?

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    HSBC bank provide facility to generate Demand draft online.
    You have to provide your bank details so that at the time of refund the bank can easily make a cheque or transfer as per your details.
    For any other person to apply in your name – that will make him liable for any legal replies if there are any for that person account.

  • Munesh

    Hi Sir,
    I am a NRI and wish to apply for the DDA scheme. Can I do so. Since I will be in India at this period I wish to apply personally.


  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    This is a snapshot from Eligibility Criteria, Please refer:

    I. The applicant must be a citizen of India.
    II. He/ She should have attained the age of majority. For
    this an applicant should have completed 18 years of age
    as on the date of filling of the application for a flat.
    III. The applicant must not own any residential flat or plot
    in full or in part on lease hold or free hold basis in Delhi
    / New Delhi/ Delhi Cantonment either in his/ her own
    name or in the name of his/her wife / husband or in the
    name of his / her minor or dependent children.
    IV. Family means spouse (if any), dependent/minor
    children, if any.

    V. Both husband and wife can apply for flats subject to
    fulfillment of eligibility condition with a stipulation that if
    both are found to be successful only one shall be allotted
    fl at.
    VI. One person can submit one application only.
    VII. A person who has already been allotted a plot or house/
    flat constructed by the DDA or any other land owning
    department shall not be eligible to apply for another flat
    under this scheme.
    VIII. There is no income criterion. The applicant can apply
    according to his/her requirement and affordability.
    IX. The applicant must have an account in any bank and
    the particulars must be filled in the application form. It
    is assumed that the bank has followed ‘KYC’ norms of
    Reserve Bank of India in respect of such Accounts.
    X. Applicant must have Permanent Account Number
    allotted under the provisions of Income Tax Act and the same must be quoted on the application form.

  • http://www.datamatics.com Saket Priyadarshi

    For HIG, MIG, LIG and Expendable Flats, an applicant has to pay an earnest money (initial deposit) of Rs.150,000 with the application form.
    if aaplicant deposit the registration money of `1,50,000/-‘ then applicant may give one or more preferences of his/her choice by writing locality codes in respected 5 preferences.
    My question is may i take like’s 3 preferences for LIG ,1 preferences for MIG and 1 preferences for Expendable Flats out of total 5 preferences?? means any composotion will allow????

  • http://www.datamatics.com Saket Priyadarshi

    if aaplicant have two diffrent address like one coomunication address (address proof) and other diffrent address in bank statement, so it’a workin fine???
    will bank statement address create any concerened in future???

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    Bank statement address can be changed anytime, this should not be a problem. Also, Bank statement will be used to keep track of financial in/out from the account and link them with PAN details which are unique.
    Ideally there won’t be any issue with the scenario you mentioned.

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    Yes, you can choose any composition.
    Earnest amount of 1,50,000 makes you eligible for all the options you provided. 50,000/- is for Janta/ORT.

    The applicant applying for a flat under this scheme shall
    have to deposit the registration money of `1,50,000/-
    or `50,000/- (Janta/One Room Tenements-ORT only)

    I hope I am correct with this, as I am on the same lines as you.

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in/2010/11/dda-housing-scheme-2010/ YOGESH

    If earnest money can not be paid by banks that was published in newspaper too “Payment of Registration money as well as cost of the flat will have to be made only from Applicants Account through Banker’s Cheque/ Demand Draft only”.

    Then how come all the nationalised banks giving finance on earnest money. Please clarify

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in Amit Sahrawat

    I am still querying about this in details – but in short it is like – bank will transfer the amount in your account they in turn will have a advance cheque from you. The bank will help in getting the draft for DDA and make your application.

    By this weekend I might have a clear idea about all this, i am going to visit a bank for the same.So, will update on this matter.

  • Raj

    Can anyone guide which 5 codes should be chosen to maximize chances of allotment

  • kumar

    Hi right now I am in USA upto June 2011 Can I apply from abroad, if yes is there any bank which can finance the earnest money to be deposited

  • amit sahrawat

    I really doubt if that is possible, bank needs your proof to finance.

    Had it been you can generate draft, then I think it will be possible to get you documents submitted. Or simply you complete documents and post them to DDA.

  • dushyant bali

    I am an NRI staying in bostan,USA.I am interseted to buy a flat in DDA new scheme 2010. Am i eligible to apply ? Please clarify by return post.


    I’m a NRI, can I apply for DDA Scheme 2010.

  • Manish

    Is there any lock in period in current scheme???

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    From what I have heard off – it is supposed to be lock-in for 3 years. I am looking for this information in written.

  • Mayank

    Can bank statement be used as proof of residence…DDA brochure mentions bank passbook as proof of residence, not sure if they will accept bank statement as a proof

  • jyoti

    Can I summit my DDA application form through Punjab & sind bank

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    It can work(especially if bank is from Government of Public Sector), but for safety I have put in other proofs as well.

  • http://amit.sahrawat.in amitsahrawat

    I could not find name of “Punjab and Sindh Bank” in the list of Authorised Bank Branches for Sale and Receipt of application forms.

  • sumit

    how to complete convenyance deed papers send by dda for flats2011-scheme..??
    i have been alloted flat in sec-29,rohini-is it comes under sub-registrar office-sec-15 rohini or sub-registrar office in alipur..?
    where to go..and me the procedure ahead.


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