How To Make Perfect Mojito

February 26th, 2011  | Published in TIPS  |  5 Comments

mojito 150x150 How To Make Perfect MojitoHow about trying to prepare Mojito for yourself next time you are drinking? Or for that matter preparing for your friends (BossJ ) when you are hosting some small party can help in leaving a nice impression. Here are few tips to make different kinds of mojito.

1 Fresh is best: Use fresh mint leaves in your mojito to get that perfect flavor.

2 Get it right: The mint should be just bruised in a muddler and not shredded. Use the back of a spoon if you don’t have a muddler.  And remember; don’t put the soda into a shaker as it may blow up.

3 Get experimental: Do not restrict yourself to the tried-and-tested formula. You could try exotic berries, such as blackberries, raspberries and even blueberries. The result will be exciting and your guests will be impressed.

4 Vodka Wonder: Flavored vodkas also make great substitute for rum. Just add a little quantity and do not go overboard as all ingredients should give out their distinct flavor, instead of suppressing the others.

5 Virgin please: You can also alter the mojito for those who don’t want alcohol by just adding soda, berries and mint. A Mojito without alcohol is also called ‘Nojito’!!

  • Nitin Kumar Jain

    Wow … lets have it next time i m there … wat say …

  • Amit Sahrawat

    yes, for sure 🙂 !!, may be in your next party

  • Nitin Kumar Jain

    so will u have it with alcohol or without it ?? @Amit Sahrawat

  • Amit Sahrawat

    @Nitin a little with and a lot without 🙂

  • Nitin Kumar Jain

    hehe … political …


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