How to tackle Bhang Hangover

March 19th, 2011  | Published in Health, TIPS  |  4 Comments

bhang kulfi 150x150 How to tackle Bhang HangoverHoli may be an excuse to gulp down a few shots of bhang but an aching head and nauseating stomach can take all the fizz out of your festive spirit. Bhang, made with the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant, can give you a hangover that can range from moderate to severe. Here’s how to ban the miserable hangover post a bhang session:

Lemon Water: Good old lemon water is an excellent source of anti-oxidant and vitamin C that prevents formation of free radicals.

Herbal respite: A cup of herbal tea such as rose tea or jasmine tea helps get rid of headache that result due to an overdose of bhang. Herbal tea is soothing and very low in caffeine and high in anti-oxidants and works well in countering the effects of bhang.

Say no to tea/coffee: Having a tea or coffee can make it worse, caution experts. Tea and coffee contains strong caffeine that has a adverse effect.

Hydrate your body: Drink lots of water to flush out intoxicants from your body. If you are dehydrated bhang will have a stronger effect on you.

Keep your stomach full: Bhang or any alcohol hits you badly when you consume it empty stomach. Make sure you have had a full meal before drinking bhang. But avoid having oily, fried and heavy food along with bhang as it can worsen the hangover.

Chew high fibre foods: Fruits and vegetables have high fibre and anti-oxidants that help counter intoxication.

Increase your fructose intake: Fructose found in certain fruits is very effective in fighting a hangover. Mix apple juice, pineapple juice and honey and sip the drink.

Sleep: Even sleep is a good remedy for tackling hangover woes. Sleep peacefully in a dimmy lit, noiseless room. Sleep relaxes your mind and body and also reduces headache.

Avoid pain killers: It’ best to avoid popping in a pain killer. Popping a pain killer can actually harm you if you suffer from health complication.

Warm bath: A rejuvenating luke warm bath soothes your nerves and gives instant relief from dizziness and headache and helps you get rid of a hangover.

A refreshing walk: A dose of fresh air will help you fight hangover. Go out for a walk and you will come back refreshed.

Food remedy: If you feel nauseated, blend a banana and have it chilled. Even a bowl of light soup can comfort you.

  • deep

    its working good………thanks….

    hey frnds, dont take it 2 will hang ur brain 

  • Tj_singh

    Oh ghosh,it was bad,make sure u gave someone sobber with u wen taking bhang otherwise ull endup anything silly.thanks for info.

  • Tj_singh

    Oh ghosh,it was bad,make sure u gave someone sobber with u wen taking bhang otherwise ull endup anything silly.thanks for info.

  • Rayhaan Christiaan Anderson

    thanks _Amit I felt terrible after taking Bhaang… usually attacks after some time say in my case about half n hour…but the effects it produces …the hallucinations are nothing to experience twice…if you can’t find anything good with your life or are contemplating suicide…then that;s theonly time to go for bhaang…it is a useless drink ….doesn’t taste or smell god…that’s why it comes dirt under rs. twenty r even less….you will try to forge your holi if you had had bhaang in it’s course…enjoy your holi…remember …bhaang will only bring out the worse in you…your bad memories… it won’t add to the enjoyment…a completew headache..literally…there i go…


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