How to Take Care of Foot during Monsoon

June 26th, 2011  | Published in TIPS

FootCare 150x150 How to Take Care of Foot during MonsoonKeep the Sweat Away: The feet sweat more during monsoon, so avoid wearing your closed footwear. Instead go for slippers and waterproof clogs and sandals

Talcum powder works: Monsoon is a moist season so protect your feet from foot infections and nail infections. Camphor powder is an effective antiseptic. Mix it with talcum powder and apply before wearing shoes and after opening them

Sun is important: Don’t keep your shoes and sandals under the bed or inside the shoe rack when they are wet. This gives birth to bacteria. Sun is one of the effective medicines to kill bacteria and destroy chances of foot infections. Letting it dry under the sun will keep your shoes away from bacteria

Remove the dead skin: Exfoliate your feet regularly with a foot scrubber or a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. These dead skin cells have a tendency to harden the foot and lead to cracks. You can even get pedicure done once in a week to keep the foot clean.

Moisturize your feet: Care for your feet by applying moisturizer on the feet after washing it every time. You can also apply olive oil or almond oil (natural foot lotion) but remember to apply it before going to bed.


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