Right Way To Cook in Microwave

August 15th, 2011  | Published in TIPS  |  2 Comments

microwave cooking 279x300 Right Way To Cook in MicrowaveTime Rule: A general rule of thumb in microwave cooking is that every pound of food will take about six minutes to cook, whether its meat, poultry, fruits or vegetables. Seafood will take less time to cook. Microwave cooking times are proportional to the amount of food being cooked. When the recipe quantity is being doubled, increase the cooking time to between 1.5 to 2 times the original required times.

Right Arrangement: Arrange the food in such a way that the thicker pieces are on the outside and thinner ones on the inside so that they cook evenly.

Spice Wise: The flavors of spices are increased by cooking in the microwave, so reduce the amount of spices needed by about a third or up to half the amount indicated.

Water Content: Less moisture is evaporated in microwave cooking, so reduce the liquid accordingly.

For Additional browning: The microwave oven doesn’t typically brown food, so if needed, add browning agents such as soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce or sauces/glazes with sugar. The caramelizing effect will brown the food.

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