Tips to Safe Body Piercing

August 9th, 2011  | Published in Beauty, TIPS

nose piercing 150x150 Tips to Safe Body PiercingDo Your Research: Always make sure that you dig out enough information about body piercing and choose a reputed place to get your body piercing done. It’s safe to go for a reputed place even if you have to shell out a bit more because at least you can be assured of the hygiene of the place and that they follow the right process.

Time it well: Make sure you get your piercing done when you are healthy, well-rested and mentally ready for the piercing. Don’t forget to tell your piercer about any existing medical condition of yours and also take consultation from your doctor before going ahead.

Go for hypoallergenic jewellery: Choose your jewellery with utmost care. Look for metals such as platinum, palladium or titanium that are least likely to cause allergic reactions.

Hygiene is important: Make sure your piercer maintains a hygienic environment and wears gloves during the procedure. His piercing instruments(needle) should be properly insulated. And you should make sure that the piercer uses a one-time usable needle.

Be Well Informed: Keep yourself updated with all the do’s and don’ts of the pre and post procedure and strictly stick to them

After Effects: Immediately see a doctor if the piercing gets seriously infected and doesn’t clear up within a few days or proper care and/or you get abscesses or boils, scarring and inflammation.


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