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Amit is a software Engineer by profession and blogger by choice. He is also the co-owner of a professional start-up ARGHAM BYTES




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Preview Pane in Gmail – Unveiled

Preview Pane – allows for simultaneous preview for part of an email while browsing/ replying to others. This is a very cool feature especially those who have OUTLOOK will be familiar with such kind of look. Activating Preview Pane opens up a three-window panel for Gmail, with the Preview Pane in between the navigation and email […]

Video Calling on 17 more Android Devices from Skype

In June this year, Skype came up with one-on-one video chat for Android, but the feature support was only for a handful of smartphones. In the latest version – Skype 2.1 for Android – the support for the video chat has been extended to 17 new Android Smartphones and tablets. The complete list that supports […]

Instant Pages in Google Chrome

Instant Pages – a feature that enables almost instantaneous loading of certain web pages. This feature was introduced some time back through Google Chrome’s Beta Version. Finally this has made its way to the stable version of Google Chrome. Instant Pages preloads some of the Google Search Results before a user clicks on them, this […]

HTML5 Version for iPAD Launched by Twitter

Twitter has started to roll out a new HTML5-based version of Twitter.com for the iPad. Besides being fully HTML5-based, the new version utilizes the iPad’s touch screen and sports a two-column look — a welcome change from the current site design, which is far from perfect for browsing on a device such as the iPad. […]

Fraud: Business Proposal – CRYSTAL LABORATORIES

Beware of such kind of mails – in the mail from Dr. Moore Nicholas, he is trying to setup a business deal with an individual stating some reasons which are not very hard to believe and few people might have been influenced by his business proposal and the sort of deal he has mentioned in […]

List Of Government Hospitals In Delhi

“The Hospital is an integral part of a social & medical organization. The function of which is to provide for the population complete health care, both curative and preventive and whose outpatient services reach out to the family and its home environment; the hospital is also a centre of training of health workers and for […]

New IDEA 3G Ad : Abhishek Bachchan on Population Control

I don’t know about the network coverage and services support of IDEA but one thing I am very much impressed is with their TV commercials ever since Abhishek Bachchan is part of their campaign. Sir ji is doing very good job for the IDEA advertisement and ever since 3G is launched AB is also into […]

Sync Google+ with Facebook and Vice-Versa

I came across a very cool extension for Google Chrome Browser. After installing the extension in Chrome browser, I am able to sync my Google+ updates with Facebook and vice-versa. Earlier if ones wish to share some thing, then in case facebook – mention that as “Status” and click on Share. While in case of […]

Nokia E6 Mobile Review

I have been using Nokia E71 for more than a year and am very happy to be going around with that phone even now. It is the phones like Nokia E71 and Nokia E72 which have been big landmarks for Nokia and helped in cementing the company’s stand in the business phone segment and gave […]

CAT 2011 Details

As per the Indian Institutes of Management – the Common Admission Test 2011 (CAT 2011) will have only two sections instead of three. The first section will focus on quantitative ability and data interpretation; the second on verbal ability and logical reasoning. Two sections will be implemented sequentially with separate time limits. The examination will […]

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