Apple warns of static Shock from iPod,iPhone

May 21st, 2009  |  Published in Technology

ipodTechnology giant Apple has warned of possible small and quick electrical shocks from the headphones while using iPods and iPhones. According to the company, people could experience the electrical shock when they are using headphones to listen to these devices in areas where the air is very dry.

The possible static shock could be experienced in iPod, iPhone and their accessories. “When using headphones in areas where the air is very dry, it is easy to build up static electricity and possible for your ear to receive a small electrostatic discharge from the headphones.

“Receiving a static shock from a pair of ear buds does not necessarily indicate an issue with the iPod, iPhone, or ear buds,” the statement noted. iPod is a iphonehigh-end music player while iPhone is a touch screen phone with advanced features.
Apple pointed out that this condition is not limited to Apple hardware and static can potentially build up on almost any hardware and could be discharged using any brand of ear buds.

Apple said that the condition is similar to dragging one’s feet across a carpet and receiving a static shock by touching a door knob. Instead of the static charge building up on one’s body, the charge accumulates on the devices that the ear buds are connected to.

Likewise, the firm pointed out that instead of the static build up discharging through your finger when you touch a door knob, it discharges through the ear buds. The technology major has also suggested ways to minimize the risks of static discharge such as avoiding the use of headphones in “extremely dry environments or touch a grounded unpainted metal objects before inserting the headphones”.


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