Vodafone ZooZoos gets PETA Award

May 22nd, 2009  |  Published in General Awareness

zoozoos Zoozoos, the egged shaped head with a stick like figures has made it big during the advertisements in IPL T20 matches.So much that people get glued     to television while the Vodafone ad based on Zoozoos is being broadcasted. Zoozoos gained popularity and became a catchup topic on the social  networking sites, Facebook, YouTube and others.

zoozoos3 The idea of the creative minds at Ogilvy and Mather (O & M)has been a huge success.

Another fact about these Zoozoos is that they are real people under the props and costumes, and the simplistic expression are made out of rubber and  pasted unto their oversized head.

zoozoos21 Because of the approach taken, the success story for Zoozoos keeps growing as Mobile network operator Vodafone has won the first People for Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA) 2009 Glitterbox Award, for taking advantage of humane alternatives to the use of real animals in their ZooZoo ads.


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