Emma Watson moving to US for higher studies

August 23rd, 2009  |  Published in Hollywood

EmmaWatsonAfter long speculations by media about where she will pursue her higher studies, Harry potter star Emma Watson has confirmed that she if preparing to move to the US for studies.

The 19-year old has revealed she is heading to the US for further education this autumn. But the young actress says she can’t make up her mind about the course.

“I’m coming to States actually. I’m doing a liberal arts degree and I’ll hopefully focus on the humanities… This is one of the reasons I’ve come to the States, because I’m young and indecisive. But maybe (I’ll concentrate) in English or maybe art. I don’t know, we’ll see,” she said.

The actress, who plays Hermione Granger in the wizard franchise, has, however, remained tight-lipped about her university name.


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