Natural Born FLU Killers

August 23rd, 2009  |  Published in Health

Whenever there is an outbreak of any infectious disease, it is important to remember that prevention is better than just worrying about contracting the problem. Infectious diseases have been the bane of humankind since time immemorial, so doctors and sages have always looked for remedies. Here are some simple traditional ways to avoid flu.

  • Cleanse the atmosphere in your home by burning neem, frankincense and camphor. Neem is very powerful antiviral and antibiotic. Bathing with neem-infused water was common in India before we got modern filtration and clean water.
  • Consume amla regularly. Adults should take half and children a quarter teaspoon. Children under the age of one should avoid it. Amla is the highest source of vitamin C and is used in the prevention of many diseases. It is available as a powder, rasayan, candy, juice and churan.
  • Make ginger and garlic a regular part of your diet. They are powerful antivirals and antibacterials. Before the commercial treatment of meat began, people would disinfect it by coating it with a garlic and salt paste.
  • Drink an infusion of tulsi in water daily. Tulsi is a very effective preventive herb for all kinds of flu. It is very easily available in most homes. Boil 25 tulsi leaves in four cups of water and cool it. This infusion can be had by everyone including small babies (but babies should have no more than 10 drops). Adults can drink half a cup.
  • An inhalation of eucalyptus oil prevents the nasal tracts from harboring dangerous viruses. You can carry a few drops of the oil essence on your hanky.
  • Half a cup of cinnamon water in the morning is another good antiviral drink. Boil an inch of cinnamon in two cups of water.
  • Black pepper in your meals or a combination of black pepper, honey and ginger has a good antiviral effect.
  • Haldi in your meals and a decoction is very effective in controlling viral infections.

All these methods are preventive in nature and should be practiced regularly. Besides these, you need to maintain standard hygiene practices and above all, positive frame of mind.


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