Skin Problems in summer

August 22nd, 2009  |  Published in Health

Summer is all about the sun and most importantly fun. Unfortunately the sultry summer and the hot and humid weather can cause problems that might instead make one to want to hide. The UV radiations can cause havoc with our skin. UV radiation has two main types. UVB and UVA, the first one produces sun-burns, while the other causes tanning. Nevertheless, both of them can be damaging to the skin. Therefore, the summer skin care treatments have to possess valid protection ingredients from both of them.

Listed are some of the most common skin problems seen in summer and some quick ways to solve or avoid them.

These unsightly back and chest breakouts can make you want to cover up instead of wearing a halter-top. What to do:

  • If you are acne prone, use products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide once a day.
  • Wash the areas after exercising or heavy perspiring.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that might irritate the skin and act as triggers.
  • When exposed to the sun, wear an oil-free sunscreen.

If you speed a lot of time outdoors this summer, you might start to see increased pigmentation on your skin. Tanning is the most immediate result of this process, but individual spots may also occur. These are more common in darker skin types.


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