Revolutionary Treatment for Osteoarthritis

September 19th, 2009  |  Published in Health

RQMR is said to be first of its kind in the world, the non-invasive treatment involves application of electromagnetic beams to regenerate the cartilage tissues that wear and tear due to ageing.

RFQMR is a technology that is made to deliver highly complex quantum electromagnetic beams in the sub radio and near radio-frequency spectrum i.e. (absolutely same for human body with no side effects). The beams can be precisely controlled and focused onto tissues there in generating streaming voltage potential.

RFQMR technique has been successfully employed to induce mitotic (cell multiplication) activity in the fully differentiated chondrocytes. This has been established as an increase in cartilage thickness in MRI. RFQMR is a method for regeneration of cartilage and is also effective for treatment of osteoarthritis. Cytotron treatment is non surgical, painless procedure in which no hospitalization is required. This treatment is absolutely safe for human body with no side effects. Rejuvenation center has produced significant results in patients with osteoarthritis.


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