Punjabi By Nature – Restaurant Review

September 22nd, 2010  |  Published in Reviews  |  1 Comment

It was my birthday so was planning to take my family out for a dinner, I had several options to choose from but I opted for “Punjabi by Nature” due to its location. It’s there in City Square Mall, you can easily park your CAR in the basement and roam around in the mall and then choose to go for dinning option. On the third floor, in the end – there is Khaaja Chowk, Yo China, 13 Carat and one more on the same floor.

The ambience in the restaurant is good, outside view from the glasses at the night look charming.

Now comes major point for which one visits a restaurant, ofcourse Snacks, food & beverages.

The waitor will bring out menu printed on heavy boards and place them in front of you without uttering a single word, the menu will end as soon as it starts (:)) so small that you will have rarely options to choose from, if you ask the staff if there is anything special or different they have – their answer is “Sir, jo menu mein hain wohi hain”(Sir, whatever there is in the menu, that’s the only items we serve”

In case of soups – there is only Tomato Shorba(not soup) and nothing else, they do server liquor.

We opted for Tomato Shorba(because of no choice), Veg Platter, Palak Malai Kofta, Lahori Paneer Masala , Dal – Punjabi by nature, pudina paranthas, naan.

If you see on the menu – Dal Price to be 375, and similar for all the dishes, and same goes for Breads(way too expensive) you expect their quantity to be on par with the prices.

But, when we received – we were utterly dissapointed.

Although, the food is good but with the sky high prices they have, it should have been excellent and service too.

But, it was nothing great.

I have been to its Noida branch – but it was around 3 years back, may be that was the reason why I stopped visiting this restaurant.

Whats more had i been to different restaurants – I could have easily got 15% corporate discount, but at this Raja Garden Branch they don’t provide any.

With the experience I had, its very certain that I wont be visting this place atleast in the near future with my pocket (:) ). And for others if you really have a very heavy pocket then try this one, but there are several other options for that also(Picadilly in CP is way ahead of this one).

I can easily name restaurants in West Delhi itself which are far better than “Punjabi by nature” and with reasonable price – Moti Mahal, Pind Balluchi…

May be I can mention best things about other restaurants in separate blog. Meanwhile Happy Dining to all…


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