How to Care For Dry Lips

January 16th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 Sooth chapped lips: If you have chapped lips, scrub them gently with a baby toothbrush to remove all the dead skin. Keep your movements gentle or else you will end up harming your lips.

2 Greasy help: To give your lips an evergreen suppleness, apply a coat of Vaseline gel or a little amount of ghee on your lips at night. Massage them well for a minute and leave it on overnight. You can repeat the process every night.

3 Succulent lips: Deficiency of Vitamin C is the root cause of all lip problems – from chapped and bleeding lips to cracked and dry ones. For healthy lips, dip a tea bag in warm water  and press it to your lips for a couple of minutes. Warm sesame oil helps in keeping your lips soft.

4 Be kiss-ready: Your lips loose more moisture in the winter season, due to which the corners of your lips can turn black. To prevent this, make sure that you drink ample amount of water, especially during the winter season.

5 Steer clear: Hot water bath and room-heaters are common practices in winter. But this could cause dry lips. If you are suffering from a blocked nose, then this can lead to dry lips. So make sure you take precautions to keep your lips smooth and healthy.


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