How To Clean Your Glasses

February 26th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 The lens: Be gentle with any chemicals you use on the lens. If it’s just dirty and not greasy, it’s best to clean it with just a soft, dry cotton cloth. To get rid of grease, use a professional solution.

2 Nose pads: Their surface tends to be dirt-proof as they are made from plastic acetate. The best way to get rid of it is to dip the glasses in warm water for about two hours.

3 Clean gently: The frames tend to get a tinge due to regular wear. The best way to prevent it is by cleaning the glasses daily. Dip a cotton cloth in luke warm water and gently wipe down.

4 Metallic Frames: The best way to clean them is to use a dry cloth. But to remove grease, dip some cotton spirit and clean up.

5 For a thorough cleaning: You can take some dish washing soap and use it to work up lather on the entire frame, including the lenses. Then just rinse it under warm tap water, and don’t scrub it at all. This will dislodge all the debris and also prevent any scratches.

6 Keeping Glasses: Always take care before placing your glasses, lens should not be placed against harder/rougher surface, if placing in lens cover; make sure to wrap your glasses in cleaning cloth which comes with the glasses.


  • Never touch the lenses when they are dry. Dirt particles will scratch the surface.
  • Never polish the lenses or rub them hard with a dry cloth.
  • Never use ammonia cleaners; they will damage the lens coating.
  • Do not dry your glasses with a facial tissue, as it is a wood product and the wood fibers can damage your lenses.
  • Be cautious about washing plastic glasses under very high temperatures. While hot temperatures will clean better, some plastics might deform.
  • Never use hand soap or hand wash to clean your glasses. They usually end up actually making the lenses dirtier! You’re better off using dish / washing up liquid. If it’s good enough for your drinking glasses, it’s good enough for your eye glasses.


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