How To Choose Right Car Color

March 5th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

If you are deciding to buy a car, first and foremost thing which will occupy your mind is which car to buy, After somehow deciding the car model you are stuck at a question – “Which color to chose?”, Even though you will visit the showroom to check a real look at all the colors for that car model and even survey your vicinity about the impression that car color leaves at you. Here are few tips which might help in choosing the right color.

1 Right choice: The color of your car reflects your personality to an extent (You may argue how wrong the color white is for politicians and bureaucrats cars). Black signifies those wanting to throw an attitude on the road. Red is also powerful color, but has a romantic touch, too.

2 Sleek and Chic: Silver, and its various shades in lead and other tinges, is for those wanting to flaunt a corporate look. Golden, on the other hand, reflects a more mature look and is not considered as one of the ‘younger looking colors’. White is hardly visible in privately owned cars as this is a neutral color, and therefore suits commercial vehicles more. However, a newly purchased white car, aided with proper glass tinge, makes for a great looker.

3 Blue’s cool: Blue is supposed to be the ‘common man’s’ color. But new shades of blue are very popular among girls. Also, fluorescent green and bright red are preferred by girls.

4 Sporty: Yellow, orange and bright green suits sporty car models.

5 Keep in mind: While color depends entirely on your personality, do think about the weather, too. A darker color will result in your car heating up easily. Also, some shades look worse than others with scratches and dirt on, so avoid them.



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