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September 19th, 2009  | Published in General Awareness

Here’s a checklist one should keep handy while filling out CAT applications

This article highlights a list of common errors and gives a checklist of things to keep in mind while filling out the CAT application.

Points to Note:

  • Review the data on every page very carefully before clicking the “Next” button
  • The boxes for address do not allow any special characters (e.g. / , . ).So, if your address contains these characters, use a space or a hyphen (-) instead.

Make No Errors, Please

  • Name: There is no separate box for middle name. So enter your first name and middle name (if any) in the box ‘First name’ and only your last name/surname in the box ‘surname’.
  • E-mail address: Enter the e-mail address correctly. It would be better if you type the e-mail ID in both the boxes (‘E-mail’ and ‘confirm e-mail’), instead of typing in one box and copying it to the other.
  • State: Check the field ‘State, province or union territory’ carefully before clicking the next button.
  • Educational information: You should tick the boxes for ‘SSC or equivalent’ and ‘HSC or equivalent’ and give your marks details there. Select all other educational qualifications and fill up the details. The option for selecting CBSE and ICSE is available at the bottom of the drop down menu).
  • Non-IIM institutes: Students should definitely select this box. If you do not, you scores might not be sent to other institutes.
  • User name/password: Make a note of your user ID and password and store this information carefully. This is the last stage of the registration process. Before you start filling your user name, please doublecheck everything else that you have till then (by going back to the previous pages using the ‘back’ button provided at the bottom of the page).

Once you press ‘submit’ on this screen, the registration process is over.

SC, ST and DA candidates must sent a copy of their valid caste certificate and disability certificate to the CAT Center immediately upon completion of ‘online registration for verification purpose’. Write your voucher serial no. On the certificate. The address is: CAT Center, C/O PGP Admissions Office, Indian Institute of Management, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, 380 015, India.

If you’ve already filled out the form and have made a few errors, do not fret. You will be able to log in using you user ID and password and edit your form from September 18 till the end of the registration window. However, please not that you will not be able to edit your first name and last name.


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