Sip Champagne In Style

August 15th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Glass Selection: Champagne is one of the world’s finest beverages. However, if not poured in the right kind of a glass, it loses its distinctive bubbly taste. The proper glasses for serving champagne are the long-stemmed, narrow flutes or tulip-shaped glasses – they reduce the surface area and keep the bubbles from disappearing quickly.

Hold It By Stem: By avoiding contact between the glass itself and the warmth of your hand, the champagne will stay cold for a much longer time. Pick up the flute by the stem, which is the long piece between the base and the bottom of the bowl. The stem will be cold, but refuse the urge to move your hand up the stem to the bowl. If you move your hand, the heat from it will quickly heat up the champagne and change the flavor.

Serving it Right: When the waiter (or someone else) wants to pour more champagne in your champagne flute, hold it in a slightly tilted way. This way you will get more champagne and less foam. A slight twist at the end of pouring will help avoid drips and champagne wastage.

Hold On: Pinch the stem of the glass between your index finger and thumb.

Bubble Effect: Get the full effect of the bubbles by filling the champagne glass only three-quarters full. For the final step, it’s easy – sit back, sip and enjoy the fabulous flavors coming from the champagne glass


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