How To Make Bamboo Furniture Last Longer

August 15th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Rain Cover: Use weather resistant covers for the furniture to keep the moisture out. This will keep your furniture in good condition for years.

Cleanse Gently: In order to prevent dust, dew and other harmful deposits from building up on the furniture, wipe the surface of your furniture with a soft cloth using mildly soapy water. Harsh detergent or chemical can damage the natural color and sheen of your furniture.

Seal Up Cracks: If the furniture begin to crack, you can sand the area with fine grit sandpaper. Once you have finished, apply paste wax to help seal the crack.

Vacuum Well: Vacuum the furniture with an upholstery attachment vacuum cleaner. It will go into the nooks, corners and cervices to remove the dirt and debris.

Polish Well: Polishing increases the durability of bamboo furniture and gives it a shiny new look.


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