Health Care For Diabetes

September 3rd, 2011  |  Published in Health, TIPS

Symptoms to watch out for: If you feel anxious, tired, confused, unusually hungry, or a fast heart beat when on diabetes medications, it is time to get a proper check-up done.

Avoid long intervals between meals: Avoid skipping meals altogether or even overeating at night. Follow a diet-chart made by a nutritionist.

In case of fasting: If you have to go on a compulsory fast, take advice from your doctor to see if some adjustment can be done in your insulin doses prior to commencing fasting.

Take extra care on a hectic or when travelling: Research shows that 61% of patients have experienced hypoglycaemia at work and a quarter has experienced it while travelling. Keep a meal substitute handy at all times.

Maintain a diary: Record blood sugars, exercise, symptoms and food intake in a diary, so you can anticipate when your sugar may become low, and be prepared to treat it. Also, keep candy, sugar sachets, or juices accessible while at work or when driving.


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