How To Take Proper Care of Knees

August 31st, 2011  |  Published in Health, TIPS

Recognize the problem: Firstly, recognize whether it is just a common ache or something more serious. A thumb rule for this is: when the pain limits your ability to do what you normally do, you should get it checked by a physician.

Check weight: Extra weight on the body puts added stress on the knees and also increases chances of osteoarthritis in the knee, a common form of arthritis that wears away the knees cartilage. So, periodic weight control measure is necessary.

Take sufficient rest: Give your knee critical rest it needs after an injury. Depending on the damage and treatment, rest the knee from two week to several months for recovery.

Do not neglect your ACL: The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the most commonly injured ligaments in the knee, and high-risk sports such as football and basketball put extra strain on it. Women have two to eight times’ higher risk for ACL tears than men. Talk to a trainer about the risks and what you can do to avoid this type of injury.

Don’t overdo: Don’t go overboard with your workouts. Gradually add intensity or duration to your regimen to allow your body time to adjust.


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