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August 4th, 2011  |  Published in General Awareness, Internet  |  2 Comments

Beware of such kind of mails – in the mail from Dr. Moore Nicholas, he is trying to setup a business deal with an individual stating some reasons which are not very hard to believe and few people might have been influenced by his business proposal and the sort of deal he has mentioned in the mail.

First thing to note is that you receive such mail as in BCC i.e., it is not directly dedicated to you but may be part of mail chain sent to a number of people.

Read the Complete Contents of the mail as given below:


With due respect I am Dr. Moore Nicholas, working in crystal laboratories, an herbal-chemical company based in United Kingdom. I saw your brief contact on web directory during a comprehensive online search. Furthermore, when i was the purchase manager of my company, i usually come to a local farmer in India to purchase a life saving herbal root that is used in healing cancer and other viral diseases. I usually purchase a sachet of 5grams of the refined herbal root for 5,000.INR, and re-sell to my company at the rate of $290 (13,050 INR), but due to my recent promotion to the board of trustees of the company, a new purchase manager has been assigned to handle the supply of this products, and that will certainly result to my company?s foreknowledge about my profit margin.

Hence i have decided to search for an individual or company in India to recommend to my company as the Indian local seller of this said root, so that my company will purchase directly from whosoever is endorsed as the local seller of this herbal root.

Meanwhile, after you have purchased from the local farmer in your country at the rate of 5,000.INR, then re-sell to the purchase manager at the rate of $290 dollars, and the profit in-between will be shared on a percentage of 60% for you and 40% for me. I wouldn’t mind financing this transaction with my savings/loans if you are credit worthy or proved that i can entrust you with my finance, but the percentage will certainly be decided by me.

On receipt of your positive response in my below E-mail id (, I will furnish you detailed information of the farmer, my company website, and the exact quantity of the herbal root required by my company.

Dr. Moore Nicholas.

Crystal Laboratories UK.


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