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Withdraw Cash from ATM without Card

Now, there is no need to carry Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card with withdraw cash. Cash-On-Mobile, the new card less facility launched by IndusInd Bank enables to withdraw cash from an ATM without using ATM/debit card. How To Get It? One will have to register for the service at any IndusInd branch or ATM via […]

Health Care For Diabetes

Symptoms to watch out for: If you feel anxious, tired, confused, unusually hungry, or a fast heart beat when on diabetes medications, it is time to get a proper check-up done. Avoid long intervals between meals: Avoid skipping meals altogether or even overeating at night. Follow a diet-chart made by a nutritionist. In case of […]

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How To Take Proper Care of Knees

Recognize the problem: Firstly, recognize whether it is just a common ache or something more serious. A thumb rule for this is: when the pain limits your ability to do what you normally do, you should get it checked by a physician. Check weight: Extra weight on the body puts added stress on the knees […]

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How To Look Best on Wedding Day

Skincare: Guys often ignore proper skincare that results in dark circles, pigmentation and tanning. To sport a flawless skin on your wedding day, start a strict skincare regimen, at least a month ahead of your wedding day. Grooming Package: Sign up for a ‘groom’ grooming package that includes manicure, pedicure, facial and body polishing, and […]

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How To Control Excessive Sweating

Wear Breathable Fabrics: Avoid clothes made from synthetic material that stick to your skin. Wearing airy garments made of natural fiber does not cause too much sweating. Also steer clear of clothes that fit around your body too tightly, as they trigger sweat glands to overwork. Powder up: Always use a good quality talcum powder, […]

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Imperial Blue: Men Will Be Men

A series of advertisements – I guess everybody must have liked the advertisements from ‘Imperial Blue’ and the concept they use for their marketing. They always come up with perfect examples for presenting “Men Will Be Men”.  The last few have been truly awesome. I am able to collect a few of them, just have […]

Keeping Food Poisoning At Bay

Food Poisoning is the most common one that essentially occurs when one consumes food products contaminated by bacteria and other toxins. The common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, low grade fever, headache and weakness. Food poisoning usually occurs within 2-36 hours of consuming contaminated food. The main concern while providing correct nutrition to […]

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How To Make Bamboo Furniture Last Longer

Rain Cover: Use weather resistant covers for the furniture to keep the moisture out. This will keep your furniture in good condition for years. Cleanse Gently: In order to prevent dust, dew and other harmful deposits from building up on the furniture, wipe the surface of your furniture with a soft cloth using mildly soapy […]

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Sip Champagne In Style

Glass Selection: Champagne is one of the world’s finest beverages. However, if not poured in the right kind of a glass, it loses its distinctive bubbly taste. The proper glasses for serving champagne are the long-stemmed, narrow flutes or tulip-shaped glasses – they reduce the surface area and keep the bubbles from disappearing quickly. Hold […]

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Right Way To Cook in Microwave

Time Rule: A general rule of thumb in microwave cooking is that every pound of food will take about six minutes to cook, whether its meat, poultry, fruits or vegetables. Seafood will take less time to cook. Microwave cooking times are proportional to the amount of food being cooked. When the recipe quantity is being […]

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