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Britain is pushing for harder new rules for those who want to settle down in the country. An applicant has to face a number of criteria stretched up to the period of 10 years.

159,000 legal migrants will face new system that will come into effect in 2011.

50% of those granted citizenship last year were either spouses or children of a British citizen. This will remain the primary way to get citizenship.

£720(Rs 58,018), including £80 (Rs 6,446) for a ceremony, will be citizenship application now.

9,000 refusals were made last year, nearly a third owing to failing the “good character test” – mostly because of a criminal record.

How can one earn points to clear VISA

  • Migrants will have to show their commitment to Britain before they can earn a passport. Canvassing could get you a British Passport within a year under citizenship proposals announced on Tuesday by UK Immigration Minister Phil Woolas.
  • Points will be allocated for English language ability, earnings potential, qualifications, shortage skills, volunteering, special artistic or scientific merit, and residence in parts of the UK experiencing population decline, such as Scotland.

Face This

  • Applicant will undergo compulsory “orientation days” where he will be taught British values, social norms and customs, and be charged for the privilege.
  • Authorities are looking at ways of penalizing those who demonstrate “an active disregard for UK values”.
  • A new category of “probation citizen” will take between 12 months and 10 years, depending on points earned to process visa papers.

Pass This

  • Minimum requirements will be English language, knowledge of British life, can support themselves without benefits, no prison record.
  • Points will be deducted for failure to integrate, active disregard for UK values.
  • Voluntary work, like canvassing for political parties, could accelerate citizenship application.
  • New pre-entry language test foreign partners coming to marry.

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