Six ways to make driving comfortable for the back, as per experts

September 1st, 2009  | Published in Health

I often get very exhausted while driving and end up with pain in the back, may be because of my driving habits. Got across these useful points for safe driving:

  • Proper seat alignment: Make sure your seats are at the correct distance away from the clutch and accelerator and offer maximum driving comfort.
  • Frequent breaks: When undertaking long trips, make sure you plan enough breaks to stretch your legs and exercise your muscles.
  • Stay close to the wheel: Make sure you are close enough to the wheel so that your elbows are slightly bent.
  • Check the Suspensions : Is your vehicle in optimum condition? It’s a good idea to keep the car well oiled, greased and in prime condition so that unnecessary jerks and discomfort are avoided.
  • Invest in a portable cushion or a lumbar support: Even a small towel rolled up and placed between the lower back and seat could work wonders. But make sure it has some scientific basis.
  • Wear a back support: This will ensure correct posture and the additional support to the lumbosacral region will provide comfort during travel. For very long journeys, a soft neck collar made of foam and properly contoured could prevent damage to the cervical region. But, again, ensure you have a well-designed support. 


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