Health Benefits of Sugarcane

September 1st, 2009  |  Published in Health  |  1 Comment


Having sugarcane or drinking sugarcane juice is one of the best ways to quench your thirst. It is thus extremely popular in hot and humid conditions when one sweats a lot. Sugarcane keeps your body hydrated and energizes it instantly.

Sugarcane is a good source of carbohydrate and it also helps in providing your body with the required amounts of Vitamin C. As against refined sugar, sugarcane contains natural sugar and is low in calories. Thus, you can enjoy and savor its sweet taste without the fear of gaining weight.

Sugarcane juice is an energizing drink that is healthy and tasty. This is because the glucose present in sugarcane helps in instant energizing of your body. Since sugarcane contains natural sugar, it can be enjoyed by diabetic people too.

People who exercise and work a lot can be benefited by sugarcane as the latter contains carbohydrate which in turn helps in providing energy and prevents fatigue. In addition to providing energy, there are various other health benefits of sugarcane.

Sugarcane facilitates the healthy functioning of your kidney and urinary tract. In addition, it also helps you to recover quickly from jaundice. It has been found that sugarcane can help the body fight against cancer.In addition, it can also help in providing you protection from frequent cold and flu.

Sugarcane is thus beneficial for your overall health and is a healthy alternative to aerated and artificial drinks.


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