Guide To Wearing Contact Lenses

February 27th, 2011  | Published in LifeStyle, TIPS

contact lens 150x150 Guide To Wearing Contact LensesThe golden rule when it comes to wearing contact lenses is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

  • Clean and disinfect your contact lenses every day. Make sure to keep artificial tears ready. That’s because contact lenses usually tend to dry out the eyes. 
  • Do not wear contact lenses 24X7 as your eyes need to breathe. Also, avoid wearing contact lenses while going to sleep. 
  • Try this eye exercise – rest your eyes by staring at an object carefully for about 20 seconds. You can do this 10 to 15 times a day. Always use a contact lens solution that is recommended by your eye doctor. 
  • Not all solutions can be used for all types of contact lenses. Do not wear eye make-up before wearing contact lenses. 
  • Wear your lenses and then apply make-up.


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