How To Take Care of Your Feet

February 27th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

  • When starting with a fitness regime, remember that slow and steady is the key. Try to start with low impact exercises where pressure on the feet is less. Opt for swimming or cycling instead of running or tennis.
  • The right footwear is of utmost importance. Make sure you buy footwear that fits right and is apt for your chosen activity. Don’t buy shoes that are uncomfortable in the beginning with the hope that they’ll become comfortable later on; buy shoes that fit well from the start. Shoes that are tight in the beginning will never loosen up later.
  • Stretching your feet, ankles and toes before and after a workout is a great way to avoid foot injuries. Since the foot is used the most, it is important to take care of the ankle tendons, ligaments and muscles. A minor injury could lead to a more serious one later on if not tended to immediately.
  • The dampness of your shoes or atmosphere around is a great breeding ground for fungi. This infection could lead to Athlete’s Foot, hence it is essential to take care of your feet and always keep them clean.
  • Pamper your foot by visiting a spa in order to keep them in sync with your exercise regime. Soaking your feet in warm water thrice a week also works wonders for the feet. This refreshes and softens them.



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