How To Choose The Right Home Fragrance

April 26th, 2011  | Published in TIPS  |  1 Comment

reed diffuser 150x150 How To Choose The Right Home FragranceReed is good: Reed diffusers with fragrances such as Green tea, Bamboo, Cucumber and Water lily which have aquatic and fruity top notes and light woody undertones should be used in common living zones such as living room, kitchen, study and walkways in order to stay refreshed and relaxed the whole day.

Aroma alerts: Aromatic candles or fragrant vaporizers with fragrances such as Green Mango and Holiday Sparkle should be used when there’s a party at home as it energies the guests and adds fun to the get-together.

Feel at Home: Fragrant stones or candles with fragrances such as Apple Orchard and Cotton should be placed in small rooms to make the space look larger. Place it in the guest room; it will make visitors feel at home.

Bath wise: Potpourris, with fragrances such as Lavender should be placed in the bathroom. It eases stress and relaxes tense muscles. The fragrance adds freshness too.

Focus first: A bowl of floating candles with Vanilla fragrance, kept in the living room can make tedious tasks like cleaning easier and less tiring.

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