How To Apply A Concealer Seamlessly

April 27th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Under Eye First: First apply an under eye cream over the under eye area and apply a skin moisturizer over rest of the face.

Finger or brush: Put a blob of concealer directly over the skin. You can do this with a flat concealer brush or the finger itself.

Do not crease: Dab the concealer softly under the eyes. Do not rub as it may give a crease line.

Powder it: After blending it, dust a little powder to set the concealer on the skin.

Match perfect: To test the color of concealer, avoid testing over the hand. Match it with the face or neck color.

Bridge it: For giving a smooth and seamless look, do not forget to apply concealer in the inside of the nose bridge and the outer corners of the eye. If your dark circles are still visible, add a little orange concealer.


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