Viceroys of India

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Lord Canning                     1858 – 1862 Lord Rippon                      1880 – 1884 Lord Curzon                      1899 – 1905 Lord Minto                        1905 – 1910 Lord Hardinge                    1910 – 1916 Lord Chelmsford                1916 – 1920

Governor General of India

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Warren Hastings                1774 – 1785 Lord Cornwallis                  1786 – 1793 Lord Wellesley                    1798 – 1805 Lord Minto                        1807 – 1813 Lord Hastings                    1813 – 1823

British Rulers of India

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Lord Warren Hastings                   1772 – 1785 Lord. Cornwallis                 1786 – 1793 Sir John Shore                     1793 – 1798 Lord Wellesley                     1798 – 1805 Lord Minto I                         1807 – 1813 Lord Hastings                       1813 – 1823


June 14th, 2009  |  by  |  published in History

 ‘Conquer’ is the wrong word to use in reference to Everest, say climbers who have witnessed the awful magnificience of the mountain known as Chomolungma to the Tibetans and Sagarmatha in Nepal. ‘You don’t conquer Mount Everest. The mountain allows you to climb her’, they say.

Delhi’s Ashoka Pillars

May 16th, 2009  |  by  |  published in History

Delhi's Ashoka Pillars

Qutub Minar There are three Ashoka Pillars in Delhi interestingly neither of them was constructed here but brought from another city. And each has a fascinating story behind it. The Ashoka Pillors at the Firoz Shah Kotla and North Delhi Ridge are made of sandstone and even predate the Pillar at Qutub (which is made […]


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