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May 16th, 2009  |  Published in Health

Must of use live under the confusion of relating Yoga with the physical exercises which are merely a part of it. Yoga is actually an eight step process to align us with the cosmic enery and in the process to discover its true self. Briefs about these eightfold path :

  • Yama : principles of ahimsa (non – violence), satya(truthfulness), asteya ( honesty), brahmacharya(continence / celibacy) and aparigah (non possessiveness)
  • Niyama : personal disciplines like shoucha(purity), santosh (contentment), tapa (endurance), swadhyaya(self study) and Eshwar pranidhan(dedication)
  • Asana : yoga postures or posititions to help attain mental equilibrium
  • Pranayama : yoga breathing, the extension and control of breath
  • Pratyahara : mental preparations to increase the power of mind

  • Dhyan : withdrawing the mind from external objects, focusing it on one point, and meditating on it

  • Samadhi : salvation, a state of suer bliss in which the individual consciousness is merged with the universal consciousness

The physical paths of yoga are not similar to any other form of exercise. The concept of yogic breathing is to create a rhythm between the cosmic energy and sukshm sharir(energy body). So pranayam creates a vibrational frequency that claims the thought energy and balances the energy chakras of the body. But because we think pranayam is similar to modern exercises we do it incorrectly.

Yoga asanas are also different from modern exercises in that they do not raise the blood pressure but calm or regulate it by balancing the sukhshma sharir. The benefit of yogic exercises has less to do with muscle training or weight loss than with balancing the endocrinal system. Which is why, when we do yoga asanas for weight loss or as a substitute for modern exercises,we do not get what we desire.

The philosophy and knowledge of yoga and yoga asanas are 5,000 years old. Yoga cannot be considered oridinary exercise.


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