Katrina Kaif, the Lady with Luck

May 23rd, 2009  |  Published in Bollywood, Sports

katrinaKatrina Kaif is always aspired by everything she do, and with her representing Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL theres more news associtated with her.

Her IPL team, producers and Brands all believe that Katrina Kaif has that Midas Touch.

The Bangalore IPL team has a lucky mascot these days. Owner Vijay Mallya believes that the brand ambassador of his team, Katrina Kaif is very lucky for the boys. To ensure that she watches all the matches, Mallya has started meet-and-greet sessions around the country. Kat meets fans at these interactions and watches the team games with them.

“Katrina is clearly very lucky for us. The match on Tuesday against the Delhi Team was a difficult one, considering the slow itch, But we won” says a member of the Royal Challengers Bangalore on conditions of anonymity.

Its been fairy tale for the Royal Challengers Bangalore too this season of IPL with them making it to the semi-finals. The same team last time around was pushed back and was always regarded as the Test Team. But the conditions demanding the same set of players have put their foot forward and shown their true characters. They would also love the lucky mascot to still with them unless they hold the IPL season-2 trophy in their hands.

Katrinia Kaif will be perfroming at the IPL finale.


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