Amitabh turns down Australian Honour

June 1st, 2009  |  Published in Bollywood

amitabhDeeply moved by the attacks on Indian students in Australia, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on Saturday (May 30) turned down an offer of an honorary doctorate from the Queensland University. Speaking exclusively to a news channel, Big B said that he was moved by the anguish these incidents have caused.

The superstar said, “I have been watching television for the past 24 hours on the inhuman violence that has been meted out to some of our students in Australia and I have been very disturbed seeing all those visuals and reading the stories and also seeing the visuals of their parents and the anguish.”

“Just last week the Queensland University of Technology took a decision to confer a doctorate to me, an honorary doctorate for my contribution towards Indian cinema and I just felt that it is a little inappropriate at this juncture to go down and accept it,” added Big B.

“Therefore I have written to the authorities and this is what the letter is: ‘Dear Sir, I write to you with a heavy heart on a matter that has now reached sensitive proportions. I have been reading and watching through the media the most unfortunate and violent attacks on students in Australia, some of them lying in a most critical condition in hospital. I have observed with utter dismay the anguish this caused the families that have become unfortunate victims.

‘The Queensland University of Technology have very graciously offered only last week to confer an honorary doctorate to me for my contribution to the world of entertainment. Under the prevailing circumstances I find it inappropriate to accept this decoration. My conscience is profoundly unsettled at the moment and there seems to be a moral disjuncture between the suffering of these students and my own approbation. I have the highest respect for your illustrious institution and wish to express my deepest regard for this recognition it bestows me with. I don’t wish to offend this kind gesture but I hope you will understand my present feelings. Thank You.'”


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