Now Etiquettes for Mobile phone users

June 24th, 2009  |  Published in General Awareness, Mobile Phones

With mobile phone being available to almost everyone these days, there is highly likelihood that they are going to use to it almost every place be their homes, a bus stop, cinema houses, places of public interest you can keep counting…

For all those who gets irritated due to loud conversations on mobile phone, now they have the government’s nod to tell them to keep it low.

As a solution to snub the loudmouths with their loud phones, the Department of Telecom (DoT), India, has issued Instructions for Mobile Phone Etiquettes in public interest.

While the ‘instructions’ are polite and do not propose any strict action in case the instructions are not adhered to, DoT surely believes that these etiquettes, when communicated to customers of service providers, will create awareness among them.

Some of the ‘instructions’ mentioned in DoT’s etiquette diary are:

  • In public places the mobile phone should be switched off or kept in vibration or silence mode in accordance with instructions in places like hospitals, aircraft, trains, buses, places of worship, cinema halls or auditoriums.
  • Mobiles should not be used while driving.
  • People should not click photographs of others without consent.
  • Be considerate about people in close proximity so they are not forced to listen to your private conversation.
  • Ringtones should be set at a lower level.
  • Lastly, mobile users should not send requests to TV operators for scrolling their private SMSs on the TV screen.

    DoT has asked telecom operators to provide such instructions in English as well as in the regional languages to anyone purchasing a new connection.

Let’s see how much these instructions are going to make. Leave your comment


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