Embedding youtube Videos in wordpress blog

August 15th, 2009  |  Published in Technology


I tried using various plugins to support inserting videos from youtube into my wordpress blog, but none of the plugins provided me with the simple approach of putting video.

 The simplest solution to inserting a youtube video into you wordpress blog, which I used is:

1)     First, visit “youtube.com”, search the video you are looking for.

2)     Once you have the video in youtube, at the right side of the youtube browser window, there is something called “Embed Src” which allows you to use that video into your page.

3)     Copy the “code available in that area”, You can click on that area, then do CTRL + A, and CTRL + C.

4)     Go to add new/edit section for your account.

5)     Now, instead of using visual editor to write your blog, switch to HTML editor mode.

6)     Paste the “youtube video code in your blog”.

7)     Once that is done, you can switch back to the visual editor mode.

8)     You can adjust the video dimension (width X height) by adjusting the window area which is displayed in Visual Editor mode.

9)     You can also set video playback option now from the editor.

10) Your blog is ready with the video, you can post/update your blog and the same will be reflected to your visitors.


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