Pearl Regency Noida – Restaurant Review

October 16th, 2010  |  Published in Reviews

If you are anyway near Noida and looking for a place to have complete food, then Pearl Regency restaurant comes at the top. In the past 5 years I have been to this place many a times (around 20+) the service continues to be the same and also the taste of the food. It is located in Sector-29, Noida, Ganga Shopping Complex – First Floor.

The ambience of the restaurant is very good, several compartments to differentiate between guests, separate partitions if you really wish to enjoy your drinks alone (they do serve liquor). Another good thing is if you are at this place in the evening you can enjoy the live gazals being performed by artists.

The quantity they serve is more as compared to other restaurants especially the “Bread Size” they serve; one bread per head is more than sufficient. “Navratna Korma”(Vegetarian Main course Dish) is the best among all the restaurants, this is one main course dish I order every time at this place or even in case we have to get the food delivered at our office premises. I have not found “Navratna Korma” anywhere near to the taste of Pearl Regency in other places. The service is very good both in case you are at their premises or you order via. Phone to get it delivered in your office. Being a non-vegetarian I have tasted most of their items in both the categories and you would love eating “Methi Chicken” and “Murgh Kasturi Tak-a-Tak”. In the breads one must try “Pudina Parantha” and “Missi Roti”

In a group of six we order ‘3’ main course dishes and 7-8 Breads, normally ‘6’ Pudina Paranthas which are more than sufficient but for some change we order ‘2’ missi rotis which are very heavy and they cut ‘1’ Missi roti in ‘4’ slices. So, if you have normal diet like we do have ( 🙂 ) you can order based on this. The Bill is somewhere around Rs. 1000, last time it was Rs. 952 to be precise.

Their rates are very much reasonable if you compare them with the other restaurants and also with the kind of taste they provide.

For complete information about Pearl Regency please visit:

One thing I am pretty sure is you can be this place without any doubt in mind; you don’t have to think twice.

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