How to Cut Down on your Cellphone Expenditure

December 14th, 2010  |  Published in TIPS

1 Monitor Usage: Ask your cell phone connection provider to send you alerts either via text or by dialing (both free) to keep you updated about your phone usage. Make a budget, and the moment you cross the limit, you will be notified by the operator.

2 The ‘Friends & Family’ plan: The “friends and family” plan can include anyone you spend talking hours with. This plan has minimal rates for the people on the list and the money you save by implementing such a plan could be huge.

3 Night plans: Many mobile operators offer charge-free nights or weekends. For example, the calls you make from 9PM to 7AM will not be charged at all!! It’s a good choice if you are prone to talking for long hours at night.

4 Keep a tab: Pay attention to your cell phone bill. If you look at the past few months of your cell phone bills, you will notice usage patterns that are consistent. If you are an avid texter, it will save you money to pay a little extra for a bundle package of text messages. You may be paying for features that you hardly use. Cancel these to cut down on your phone bill.

5 Holiday happy: Before travelling out of your country, check if your phone works abroad and that roaming is enabled by your operator. Turn off voicemail and remember that at most places, text receiving is for free.


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