How To Mix Your Cocktails

December 15th, 2010  |  Published in TIPS

1 Mix it up: Do not hesitate from mixing everyday ingredients such as lime, juice and mint to your cocktails. It’s not necessary to use only exotic things for a good drink.

2 Quality wise: Use good quality product. It’s no secret that only premium product will give you good results.

3 Fresh Forever: Use fresh lemon or fruit juice. Preparing fresh juice is a bit time consuming, but your cocktail will taste great.

4 Don’t overdo: Avoid using too many ingredients. Go with two or three ingredients for each drink, and be relatively fast while using ice. Ice melts quickly and adds water to your drink in the process. Try keeping your ice cubes minimal.

5 The art of garnishing: The garnish of a cocktail is edible and therefore must accompany the taste of your cocktail, not mask it. So be careful while garnishing your drink. Here’s a tip to impress your guests. Use your lighter and heat an orange peel for five seconds. Squeeze it over the flame – the flame will get bigger. Now drop the orange peel in your glass; this trick works, but do train yourself before performing it before your guests.


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