How to Take Care of Hair After Hair Rebonding

December 25th, 2010  |  Published in TIPS

1 Oil Regularly: The hair should be oiled and steamed every 15 days. Also go in for a hot towel treatment to ensure deep conditioning to the roots of the hair.

2 Special Care: Only a shampoo meant for straightened hair should be used after hair rebonding. Also, a conditioner must be used every time you shampoo.

3 Product: Apply hair serum to your hair for better management but do not blow-dry them too often. Blow drying takes away moisture, which in turns damages the rebonding process.

4 Go Natural: Hair packs like aloe vera, yogurt, egg and olive oil made of natural ingredients and sans any chemicals should be used. Also, include green vegetables, sprouts and nuts in the diet.

5 Touch up: Get a touch up done to your hair every three to six months depending on the rapidity of hair growth


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