How to Wear Longstay Makeup

December 25th, 2010  |  Published in TIPS

1 Go one at a time: When applying long wearing makeup, apply a little to one area of the face  at a  time and smoother over the skin( do not “rub in” as many women tend to do). It dries reasonably quickly, so the old rule of dotting it all over your face then smoothing each area does not work, as by the time you move around your face. It will be more difficult to blend.

2 For Best Results: Make sure that you give a gap of at least 10 minutes between putting your makeup over your moisturizer. In case you put any makeup on immediately after you moisturizer, you will not get the best results from the product.

3 A special occasion: Long stay makeup is perfect for a special event like wedding, as you would not want to have your makeup fade, and you also don’t want to be continually getting a touch up done.

4 Spend enough time: With the foundation, take time to find the right shade, and spend some time learning how to apply it to get the very best effect for you. It doesn’t matter what color products (i.e., eye shadow, blush or lip-color) you apply; they won’t look right if the base isn’t right.

5 The right impact: If applying a powder blush over foundation, always lightly dust with a loose powder (even if only over the check area) to avoid your foundation ‘grabbing’ your blush.


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