How To Make Perfect Soup

January 13th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 Not Too Thick: Take care not to use excess of the thickening agent while preparing soup. Use it sparingly as this will improve the nutrition levels of the soup.

2 Cook and serve: Serve the soup immediately once it is cooked. Reheating is not a great idea with soups, the taste of the soup seems completely changed and especially you won’t get the same freshness from the soup after reheating.

3 Flavor matters: Use fresh seasonal ingredients to make great nourishing soups. In winters, you can use a dash of beet to add some flavor. Do not neglect the bread – a good combination can enhance the soup. Go for garlic-flavored bread or bread with cinnamon seasoning for the winters.

4 Tangy dashes: A teaspoon of vinegar added to your soup can give it a strong flavor. But make sure to use white vinegar only and do not over do it.

5 Stock surprises: Adding stock to your soup will enhance its taste. If you are preparing a vegetarian soup, go for vegetable stock. While preparing non-vegetarian, prepare a stock that compliments the prime seasoning of your soup.

If you really want to get quick soups at home, there are a lot of readymade soups available in the market (Maggi, Tops being the ones I have tried). You simply have to add the mixture in hot water and the soup is ready to serve, they are available in form of sachets which can be easily used as per servings.


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