How To Start a Kitchen Garden

January 26th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

We have kitchen garden in our backyard of around 100sq yards. We do plant some vegetables, flower plants time to time, but it comes out more from a hobby of gardening rather than anything else. We enjoy being there in our garden. During winters, we often enjoy sun sitting there. We partition the field time to time depending upon what we decide about planting. ‘Guava’ plants being watched by everyone in the vicinity and people often end up asking for few guavas.

How about starting you own kitchen garden atleast as a hobby? Here are few tips which might help you.

1 Spot checking: First, keep in mind what sort of space can you devote to your kitchen garden. Before zeroing in on a spot, watch it for a day and see how much sun it gets. Make sure there are no trees that block sunlight.

2 Choose the plants: The next step is to choose your plants. Keep in mind the food you usually cook and plant a variety of herbs. You can also have fun experimenting with those that are not easily available in the market.

3 Play favorites: Before choosing vegetables, think which are your favorite. Accordingly, select vegetable plants. Also decide whether you want to buy plants that are sprouted or you would start from seed.

4 Lay it out: The next step is to make a layout. Take a graph paper and draw out on your garden plan. Sketching your garden on paper will leave no room for mistakes.

5 Color-coded: Outline your garden space on the graph. Color areas that get full or partial sunlight in different shades and mark which plant will be placed where. Once you are done, you can always scrap plants that you think are not very important.


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