How To Take Care Of Woolens

January 12th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 Before you pack: It is important to wash or dry clean your woolen garments before packing. Soiled woolens can be the best breeding ground for moths. Also, it’s best to sun-dry them before stacking them away for the next season.

2 While you wash: Always read instructions before washing. Use mild detergents and luke warm water. Do not dry woolens in the dryer. Roll them in a towel for 5 minutes and squeeze out the excess water. Then dry them in shade so that they don’t loose color or shape.

3 Winter gear: Items like gloves, hats and scarves should be hand-washed once a month. Brush the coats and jackets gently before wearing them to avoid any bacteria breeding on them.

4 How to Store: Do not hang heavy sweaters. Instead, fold and store them. Fold knits and keep freely in drawers. Do not tight pack them as this will cause wrinkles. Place scented mothballs (in a muslin pouch) or dry neem leaves in your closet to keep silverfish away.

5 Maintain your garments:  If there is a damage, repair it immediately. Continuous wearing of woolen can lead deformation of shape. Wear them in intervals to maintain a good shape of your woolen garments.


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