How To Take Care Of Your Jeans

January 5th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS  |  1 Comment

1 When to Wash: Ideally, you should have worn your jeans at least 3-4 times before dry cleaning or washing. If you do not want your jeans to fade and would like to wear it more often before cleaning, buy a special fabric deodorizer to ensure it does not smell. Skinny jeans should be cleaned regularly to ensure the fit is skinny and not baggy around your body.

2 The Best Way: In case the length of your new jeans needs to be reduced, you should clean them once before hemming, to ensure your jeans are completely pre-shrunk. When you clean a pair of jeans for the first time, clean it inside out and separately since it will lose most color. It is important to turn your jeans inside out and clean with similar colored clothing, in low temperature.

 3 Top Tricks: To reduce color loss, you could add a cup of vinegar in the pre-wash stage. Do not put your jeans in a dryer since it will cause excessive shrinkage.

4 Leather strap: When cleaning your jeans, check if the leather brand label loses color, by rubbing it with a wet cotton ball. In case it is losing color, remove the label before cleaning and stitch it back later.


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