How To Take Care Of Your Silk Saree

January 26th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS  |  1 Comment

Silk sarees are preferred by most of the ladies, there’s a grace associated with silk sarees, and the ladies do get noticed or catches attention wearing one. Even though you can easily buy one and try them out but you have to take proper care of these sarees so as the glow/grace never loses out. Here are few things you should take care off:

 1 The first time: For the first wash, don’t use soap. Instead soak the saree in hot water with salt in it and then rinse it through cold water to get rid of the salt.

2 Use soap: After you’ve washed the saree as mentioned in step one at least twice, then switch to a soap for the wash. Though even then ensure that you use a mild detergent and nothing that is strong, like a stain removing detergent.

3 After the wash: Never rinse the saree out by twisting and turning it. Instead take the saree and spread it out in full length to let it dry out. You have to ensure that the saree doesn’t stay wet for too long.

4 Getting rid of stains: The best way to get rid of a stain is to dry-clean the saree. But in case you need to urgently get rid of a stain then soak that particular spot in a little petrol and brush with a soft, clean cloth.

5 Pressing it: When ironing the saree make sure to keep the setting to silk for the iron. In case there’s no such setting, then set the iron to medium. And when storing the sarees away, keep a few neem leaves to ensure any damage from moths.


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